Vendor Info

Leslie Love Fine Art April 4, 2015

Fees: $20 prepaid for a 10′ x 10′ space on the courthouse lawn (6′ x 6′ at the Powerhouse during the winter months).

To reserve your booth for the Maker’s Market, please read this page, then click here!

Please check back often and follow us on Facebook for up to the minute updates!

Cancellations: Vendors must give 48 hour notification if unable to attend market to allow us enough time to fill the vacancy. No shows affect all at the market! Vendor fees are non refundable nor are they transferable.

Set-up: Set-up is at 8:30am, not a second before. Do not arrive early and set up before checking in with market directors. Vendors can begin breaking down their booths at 4:00 pm. Do not break down early without first speaking to the market directors.

Dimensions: Booth size will be 10′ x 10′ when on the courthouse lawn, 6′ x 6′ when at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center during the winter months, and 8′ x 8′ when at the Armory Pavilion during special markets. If you need more space than this, you must prepay for multiple spaces! Vendors using 12′ x 12′ canopies must prepay for 2 spaces!

Merchandise: Oxford Maker’s Market allows any item that is handmade or homegrown by the vendor. Food items are welcomed so long as MISSISSIPPI COTTAGE FOOD LAWS are adhered to. No soliciting or handing out information pertaining to politics or any type of organization is allowed!

Presentation: Artists are responsible for their own canopy, tables, and table-cloths. (Canopies are not needed at the Armory Pavilion or at the Powerhouse.) Artists should bring any necessary display items such as screens, easels, items for vertically displaying art, etc… Tent stakes are not permitted on the courthouse lawn due to an underground sprinkler system. Please use weights to hold your canopy firmly on the ground! You will be asked to leave if tent stakes are used.

Conduct: Soliciting is not allowed! Recruiting for markets other than Oxford Maker’s Market is not allowed. Negative talk of the market or any of it’s vendors is not allowed. If you smoke, please be respectful of the non smokers and their merchandise. Do not smoke on the courthouse lawn (or in the Pavilion) or near vendors canopies! We strive to run a happy family friendly market and will not tolerate negativity. We reserve the right to refuse participation at our own discretion. Basically, just don’t do anything stupid and let’s all get along!

Age: All sellers under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times! There will be a Young Maker’s Area for children under the age of 18 with no vendor fees. Please, let us know in advance if you will have a child setting up in the Young Maker’s Area.

Vendors who chose to bring their children to market are responsible for any damages caused by their children. We love children, but we are not a daycare.

Money: Sellers must bring their own cash to make change for sales.

Liability: Oxford Maker’s Market is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage of goods or property, nor are we liable for personal injury.

Taxes: MS sales tax (7%) must be turned into the Oxford Maker’s Market for all sales. We will provide envelopes with printed instructions for submitting taxes. Please round up to the nearest whole dollar!

We must collect taxes regardless of whether you have a tax ID or pay your own taxes.

“Mississippi law requires whoever is selling a particular item to the public to collect the sales tax and remit it to the state. In the case of a “promoted event,” the Mississippi Tax Commission considers the manager or promoter to be the “seller”; therefore, the manager or promoter must collect and remit the sales tax collected by the individual vendors at such events. The regulation provides that promoted events “include, but are not limited to, community festivals, craft shows, seasonal shows, music festivals, and other similar events.”

Location: Markets will be located on the Lafayette County Courthouse lawn, unless otherwise stated. During the winter months, we will be located indoors at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center. We will have some special markets throughout the year at other locations, such as the Armory Pavilion.

In the case of rain/inclement weather, market will be cancelled. No refunds will be given. Notification will be sent to all vendors by email.

(Header photo by Jim Hendrix)